In line with Result’s mandate, the Teaching and Learning Unit are working to promote quality in education at UiT. The unit’s main activity lies in offering professional qualification courses for new lecturers and academics who are on probation or applying for tenure. Examples of our courses are The Programme for Basic Pedagogical Competence, Course in Research Supervision, and Higher Education Pedagogy for Postgraduate Students (PhD).

We have an advisory role in the development of quality in teaching and learning at faculties, departments, and research groups. This includes advice on study and subject planning, and development of teaching and assessment. To a certain extent, we also develop courses based on the various academic communities’ needs.

Academics at UiT may now apply for Educational Promotion (merittering). Result is the administrative unit in this application process.

The Teaching and Learning Unit are an active research group, focusing on teaching and learning in higher education. This research is an important basis for the activities at Result.

Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio is a systematic documentation of an individual teacher’s professional development and achieved competencies.

Basic Pedagogical Competence

Basic Pedagogical Competence is the minimum required level of knowledge, skills, and general proficiency in higher education pedagogy.

Educational Promotion

Academics at UiT may now apply for Educational Promotion. Applicants are required to submit a teaching portfolio.

Overview of Courses

We offer a selection of courses for all academics at UiT. There is also a course in teaching and learning aimed specifically at postgraduate students.