PhD Course
Teaching and learning in higher education

Are you a research fellow at UiT? Do you want to develop as a teacher?

We offer this course in university pedagogy for research fellows  for you who are employed as a research fellow at UiT. Here, together with others in the same situation, you get an arena for discussing and working with teaching and learning, gain knowledge of and experience with research-based principles for good teaching, and carry out micro-teaching related to your own academic field.

registration for the spring semester 2023 is now open. Deadline for registration is March 17th. 

PhD Course

Learning objectives

The course will provide you with:


knowledge of and experience with research-based principles for good teaching and learning


tools for evaluating and further developing own teaching


gained knowledge of key concepts and theories related to teaching and learning

Prerequisites for participation

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You must be employed as a PhD fellow at UiT Norway’s Arctic University.



You must be able to attend all sessions.



This course is available in both Norwegian and English

PhD Course

course model

What can you expect as a participant?

3 sessions

Compulsory participation at three sessions:
The introductory session for the English speaking participants will be held April 18th from 13.00 to 15.00.
The first micro teaching session (3 h) will be held on May 02th .
The concluding session (3 h) is held on May 30th.



It will be open for collaboration with other PhD students throughout the course.

Scope of the course: 30 h

The expected minimum time spent on the course is 30 hours. This includes preparation to the sessions.

requirements for approved completion of the course


Preparation for and active participation in the sessions


Work with all modules in Canvas


Completion of knowledge test in Canvas