PhD Course
Teaching and learning in higher education

Are you a PhD fellow at UiT? Do you have the desire to develop your teaching abilities?

The course is aimed at PhD fellows who want to improve their teaching abilities. The purpose of the course is to help you improve your teaching skills and to reflect on your role as a teacher in higher education. You will learn relevant theories of teaching and learning. You will discuss teaching and learning with peers through classroom interaction and peer review of teaching. You will have the opportunity to start documenting your teaching competence in a teaching portfolio.

Registration for the autumn semester 2021 is closed


September 13th - 14th 2021

The first two-day session in Tromsø.

October 22nd 2021

The second half-day session online.

November 25th 2021

The third one-day session in Tromsø. 

Learning objectives

The course is an offer for those who are employed as a PhD fellow at UiT. The course will enable you to:


Plan, carry out and evaluate on-campus and online teaching with a focus on student learning


Develop your own and other’s teaching skills


Reflect over your own teaching based on theories of teaching and learning

Prerequisites for participation

Can I participate on this course?


You must be employed as a PhD fellow at UiT Norway’s Arctic University.



You must be able to attend all sessions.


You must have some form of teaching between the first and last course day (lectures, supervision, seminars, etc.).

course model

What can you expect as a participant?


Compulsory participation at the sessions.


Peer review of teaching

Carrying out peer review of teaching between the sessions.


Preparatory work

Preparatory work for each of the two-day sessions.

Scope of the course: 60 h

The expected minimum time spent on the course is 60 hours. This includes preparation to the sessions.

requirements for approved completion of the course


Preparation for and active participation in the sessions.


Carrying out peer review of teaching between the sessions.


Submission of 2 work requirements, which must be approved.