Basic pedagogical competence for higher education

New academic staff at UiT The Arctic University of Norway must either document her/his higher education training from elsewhere or attend the Program for basic pedagogical competence in higher education. Deadline for application is May 1st. The program starts in September and consists of mandatory courses and is assessed by a teaching portfolio submitted by May 1st the year after. The lectures are given in Norwegian but the portfolio may be written in another Scandinavian language or English.

A teaching portfolio is a factual description of teaching strengths and accomplishments. It will include documents and artifacts to demonstrate the scope and quality of the professors achieved teaching skills and progress. As a CV is supported by convincing evidence, the teaching portfolio must be supported by empirical evidence. The teaching portfolio will be assessed by one person from Result and one from the local department.

In order for the Teaching Portfolio to be approved, the participant is required to:

  1. Have developed a teaching philosophy, i.e. a self-reflective statement of own views on teaching and learning based on pedagogical theory, with relevance to own teaching practice.
  2. Have developed an essential repertoire for teaching groups of different sizes and compositions, such as lectures, seminars and supervision. This also includes the use of digital tools and the ability to select teaching methods to promote student learning across different subject areas and student groups.
  3. Be able to argue for, implement, and include students in different types of formative and summative assessment processes relative to course or module learning outcomes.
  4. Be able to reflect on own and colleagues’ teaching based on relevant pedagogical theory, and perform peer- and self-assessment of teaching. This includes having carried out reciprocal peer observation of teaching on at least two occasions.
  5. Demonstrate awareness of UiT The Arctic University of Norway’s General Ethical Guidelines for Supervision, knowledge of student rights, and the ability to act according to principles professional practice for university teachers.

Recommended items for the teaching portfolio

  1. An introductory text to guide the reader through the portfolio.
  2. A text describing personal teaching history.
  3. Statement of Teaching philosophy.
  4. Examples of planning and accomplishing teaching and instruction along with self-assessment and assessment from peers and students.
  5. Documentation of development of study programs and courses, assessment and teaching aid as in new technology.
  6. Documentation of attendance in courses, seminars and so on in higher Education Teacher training.
  7. Documentation of an in-depth study topic. This might be a project in your own teaching or the four day course about Supervision of Ph.D-students.
  8. A text summing up and reflecting on achievements and results and own goals of progress in the near future.